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Limbo + Basketball Toss + Jump Rope + Hula Hoop + Parachute + Tug-O-War + Mummy Wrap + Water Balloon Toss + Romp 'n Stomp
M&M Eating + Bubble Gum Blowing + Pie-in-the Face + Relay Races + Coke & Pepsi + Sponge Squeeze, Square Pails

Limbo (How Low Can You Go?)

We Provide the Pole, You Provide the Chiropractor)

Basketball Toss

Participants line up 6 feet from the basketball hoop and take 3 shots each.

Whoever makes two short or more moves on to the next round where they comete until a winner is determined!
We Provide: Hoop and Ball
You Provide: Players

Jump Rope Contest

We Provide: Hoop and Ball
You Provide: Players

Each participant gets a jump rope. Jumpers, 4 at a time, attempt to outlast each other jumping as many times as they can before they mess up or give up. Winners from each round of four compete in the final round to determine the Jump Rope Champion.

Bouncing Fun for Everyone!

Hula Hoop Contest

We Provide: The Hoops
You Provide: The Hips

Participants sign up in advance with the DJ. In groups of 3 or 4, participants compete in preliminary rounds. Which ever participant holds the hoop up the longest in their round moves to the next or final round. During "competitive" rounds, participants will be asked to perform various challenging tasks that may cause them to drop their hoop. Winners of all preliminary rounds will compete in a championship round.

Twirling Fun For Daughter and Son!

Thread the Needle

(click for video)

In this contest, the members of each team join hands in a circle with a hula hoop hanging from one persons arm. When play begins, the person with the hoop must step though it and pass it to a neighboring player without letting go of her teammates hands. The next player then does the same thing. The team that gets the hoop back to the starting player first wins.

Skip It Game

Hula Hoop Relay Races

(click for video)

For this race, you'll need teams with the same number of players and a hula hoop for each team. When the race begins, the first player from each team rolls the teams hoop (using his hand or a stick) along the entire course before returning to the starting line and passing the hoop to the next player. The race continues until all of the players on one team complete the course.

Potato Sack Races

(click for video)

We Provide: The Sacks
You Provide: The Rugrats

Mummy Wrap

We Provide: The Charmin
You Provide: The Scary Music

Teams of 3 are chosen. Two players are named as "wrappers" and one player is picked as the "mummy." Each wrapper is given one roll of toilet paper. When the DJ begins the music (usually "Thriller" or "Ghostbusters.") Wrappers are encouraged to "accessorize" with leis, sunglasses and maracas as they dress up their mummies.

Food Games

M&M Eating Contest

We need an 8 ft. table, paper plates, a stop watch and a large bag of chilled plain M&M's. Put 20 M&M's on each plate. Players compete 4 at a time in a series of rounds. Contestants cannot use their hands and no "candy crowding." Round winner is the one who gobbles up and completely swallows all their M&M's the fastest. Their time is recorded, but not revealed. The winner of all rounds is the one with the fastest time.

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

You Provide: The Bubble Gum

Participants are given 5 minutes to chew up 1 large piece of gum. Then they are lined up in groups of 4 and asked to blow their biggest bubble. Each player gets one chance. If there bubble pops, they are eliminated.The one who blows the biggest bubble in their group moves on to the next round until a winner is determined in the final round


Romp 'n Stomp
Bubble Wrap Popping Game

We Provide: A Sheet of 1" Bubble Wrap
You Provide: Foot Stompin Rugrats

Popcorn Parachute

We Provide: A 20' Rainbow Parachute and Ball Pit Balls
You Provide: Kids with lots of Energy

Sponge Squeeze, Square Pails Relay Race

We Provide: 2 - 4 buckets, 2 - 4 large yellow sponges, 2 - 4 clear 4 quart containers
You Provide: the Water and Willing Participants

Groups divided into two to four teams. Each team forms a single file line facing front to back. At the head of each line is a bucket of water. At the other end is a smaller clear container. A dry sponge is set to each side of each water bucket.

On the DJ's cue the first person dips the sponge into the water to soak in as much water as possible. They then have to pass the soaking wet sponge over their head to the person behind who then passes the sponge through their legs to the person behind them . The sponge makes it's way to the last person who is standing behind the receiving container. That person must squeeze out the sponge into the container and run that sponge back to the head of the line. When this occurs, everybody must shift back one position and the person who was at the back of the line is now at the head of the line.

This process continues until the winning team fills their container first.

Cool Fun on a Hot Day!

Water Balloon Toss

We Provide: 2 - 4 buckets, 2 - 4 large yellow sponges, 2 - 4 clear 4 quart containers
You Provide: the Water and Willing Participants

2 person teams line up down the street opposite each other. As they toss their water balloons back and forth they have to progressively get further and further apart.

Whichever team gets furthest apart without popping their balloon wins.

Watch out for the Surprise Tossing Challenges along the way.

Fun for kids and parents alike!


We Provide: the 50 ft. Rope and Cones
You Provide: the Brute Strength and a Beach or Durable Lawn

An even amount of players are chosen for each side. Sometimes we have boys against girls if there is an even amount for both sides. On the count of three, each side begins pulling. Whichever side pulls the "center bandana" past their cone wins the contest. Great fun in the sun especially on the beach or when the adults get involved.

Coke & Pepsi

You Provide: the Running
We Provide: the Funning

Bounce Houses- Slides - Obstacle Courses - SLIP N' SLIDES

14' x 14' Castle Bounce House - $220.00, 24' Water Slide -$395.00,
30' or 50' Obstacle Course - $450.00, 30' Slip & Slide - $350.00


(Includes 1080p HD Projector, Screen, Sound System, Blu-Ray DVD)

Outdoor / Indoor Screen Sizes:
8 feet by 5 feet - $500
12 feet by 6 feet - $550
16 feet by 9 feet - $875
25 feet by 15 feet - $1500-2000

High Definition Projectors
Up to 750 Viewers Comfortably
Front Projection Available
5500 Lumen Digital Projection Bulb
Screens can resist up to 15 mph winds
Quiet Portable Generator to serve as a primary or backup power
JBL Speaker Sound System
15" 300 Watt Self Powered Speaker System with Microphone
Projector stand that is 56 inches tall! This means that your audience can sit in
front of the screen without blocking the picture!
108p HD Blu-Ray Movie Of Your Choice Provided By Us

NO Blower Noise!